You know WordPress family when I am having a sort of down day…I find peace in reflecting back to crafting. When I was a little girl, my mother would show us how to take something simple and make something beautiful. She could use face tissue and switches (small tree limbs)…lol… and make the most beautiful flower arrangements…I am retired now and when I’m feeling blah…I make candles….I think of the simple beauty my mother taught me…and immediately…I feel much better…. Can you remember something your mother taught you as a child, that you use now…as a pick me up when you are feeling down?

I never thought that a hobby my mother taught me like making candles… could bring such joy.  I have gotten rave reviews from Facebook, Twitter, Google, and Instagram…in reference to my candles.  So, I decided to create a website and this is where I need your help.  I need a name for my website.  The person who comes up with a name that I choose will receive a candle FREE.  The deadline is Tuesday March 31st.  I will post the winner’s name on my next entry.

Thank you WordPress because you really do LIGHT UP MY LIFE!

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Who is watching your child?  Is your child really safe?  Are there any noticeable behavior changes? Please SHARE!…it’s not about the abuser

as much it is about the abused…innocent children.  Who’s going to speak for them…

Together we can prevent child abuse….

Don’t Hurt Me, I Am Just A Child BOOK TRAILER

‘Ripped, Candee Books” This is a book trailer. It is Candee’s story of her very experience of child abuse. It will move you, shake you and even make you angry. But most of all, hopefully it is will bring about awareness of child abuse.

So many children today are suffering at the hands of an abuser…right now…whether it be neglect or sexual, something must be done to put an end to child abuse.

This can happen in our homes, schools, camps and yes, even churches. Now, is the time to say enough is enough. There is life after abuse.

Candee will show you how to live again and to finally let go of the pain, and anger that has wreaked so much havoc in your life.

Get your copy today, and find your answers to peace, joy and wholeness.

“Ripped, Candee Books on sale NOW $5.99 @ KDP $4.99

Stop Bullying

Must we continue to lose our children to bullying. If your child displays behavior of isolation, depression or any abnormal behavior that is completely out of their character…then you should investigate…ask question, check to online, cell phones, and don’t stop until you get answers. Help your child before it is too late. Take the time to listen, it may be your last time…

While we are on the subject…please check to see who your child is conversing with online….you just never know…it could be a predator.
Take a look at this:

How Often Should Women Get Mammograms

Yes, Yes, Yes…I know that we generally channel most of our attention toward the fight against child abuse, but since this is the month of September and it is Cancer Awareness Month. I sincerely wanted to share these links with my followers. Don’t forget to have your yearly mammogram….if for some reason, you cannot afford to pay for the services, please! check with the American Cancer Society, to see if you qualify for one of the many programs, to help fray the costs. The key is preventive care, and early detection. But whatever you do, don’t just sit there, and not have a check-up because you cannot afford it…I called until I got the help I needed, and I pray you will too… with much love….Candeev

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Hurt People, Hurt People

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BEST SELLER!  POWERFUL!   HAVE YOU READ THIS BOOK YET?  “RIPPED, CANDEE BOOKS”      What are your thought on the subject: Hurt People, Hurt People Well, I will tell you mine and then hopefully, you will elaborate on your feelings as well… Hurt people are usually … Continue reading

Teaching Naked, Part 1

Tenure, She Wrote

I had my students fill out mid-semester evaluations last fall.  No big deal, just answer these four questions: 1) What am I doing to help you learn? 2) What could I be doing better to help you learn? 3) What are you doing to help yourself learn? and 4) What could you be doing better to help yourself learn?  I had them turn the evaluations in anonymously to allow more genuine feedback.mid-semester evaluations

Later that afternoon, I started going through the responses. It was encouraging to see that, in general, responses to the first two questions indicated I was getting better, which was gratifying given the amount of time and energy I spent re-developing the class. For the most part, students were surprisingly honest when responding to questions 3 and 4, showing they understood their responsibility in their progress, or lack thereof. Somewhere towards the end of the ~160 evaluations, I…

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Taking Action Against Child Abuse

An extension to my blog…in total agreement…thanks for posting, Elizabeth. I am truly a supporter against child abuse. In my book entitled, Ripped, I share my life story of life after abuse. The title says everything…I was totally, Ripped. Thanks again for posting….

A Bringer of New Things

I’d like to occasionally use my blog to feature causes and organizations who are working hard to relieve suffering and improve our world. I’ll begin with child abuse, which not only causes horrendous in-the-moment suffering for its helpless victims, but also haunts its victims for life through the effects of early trauma. The most horrible thing of all is that it happens so much, even in our supposedly advanced culture. Here are some organizations who are doing something about it.

Intervention and Prevention Organizations

Prevent Child Abuse Americaoperates chapters in every US state to educate the public about child abuse and take action to protect local victims. According to its website, “A major organizational focus is to advocate for the existence of a national policy framework and strategy for children and families while promoting evidence-based practices that prevent abuse and neglect from ever occurring.”

Childhelpprovides intervention and treatment…

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